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split personalities of erdy:

  • dumb blonde

read or seen the jessica simpson’s issue? apparently, i’ve been potrayed as that to some. ahaha. toksah la bandingkan kecerahan die dgn aku dan keblondiean rambutnye dgn rmbt aku ni ha.. think of it like her. she let ppl see herself as dumb, and then siap mengaku lg yg die sbenarnye pretend to be dumb. for what reasons, hell i dun know :)). tp aku rase die mmg.. er… like that :P.

for me, it’s either (a) mmg aku kurang berpengetahuan a.k.a bangang dlm topik yg dibincangkan, (b) aku saje buat bodo sbb maleh nk gadoh, atau (c) i don’t give a damn and i just shut everything.

so, di dalam keegoan and indenial seperti jessica, kami telah mengundi (b), konon ala2 macam bagos hehe

  • the fun erdy

sgt sedeh to have left this, years back. dlu aku sgt tidak pedulik ape org kate n ape aku buat mmg just hef fun. sampai fail lah byk paper ahaha. but now, more and more stuff coming, been with frens who need to be won over i.e by tweaking ur personality; this fun erdy was buried. everything is oh-so-sensitive right now. benchi btol perasaan dh tua nih. anyway, to some, aku still maki korg regardless how reserved i’ve been, bcos it feel so good to express my anger that way. raye nnt aku mintak maap officially :P.

the topic of frens mmg kalo diskas, x habeh2 kan. i’ve encountered frens yg katenye baru kenal sape kawan2 die lepas dah x within the same institution. konon mcm kengkawan yg die ade mase dlu tu just kawan ngan die sbb want something out of him je. haha. guess wat dude. life’s like that. ko sdiri pon akan kawan ke dgn org kalo ko xnak something out of that person? people fren-fren sbb diorg lonely, sbb diorg xde sape nk pegi mkn, sbb diorg xde sape nk pegi tgk wayg, sbb diorg malu nk buat activities sorg, and the list goes on lah kan. honest frenship? find one and kabarkan kat aku. note: this blog is written with a f***ed up mind. oh. lg satu. if u want ur frens to always remember u, do ur part jugak lah. aku x ingat bile last time ko call/sms bertanye kabar aku or any of our frens. ape, ko ingat ko tu menteri ke nk mintak ppl suck up to u? hahaha gelakkan die…. ;))

ok lah. aku nk pegi ajak kawan aku teman tgk wayg. i’m not done with the topic. kejap lagi aku sambong. daa…


erdy is listening to Dixie Chicks – I’m Not Ready To Make Nice


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siot x…?? akeke. thanx 😛


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at last.. a photo of us.. sume ketot :P.


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still @ penang.

this morning i was late to work. saje. pantang dpt tau yg the place i was staying is within 10 minutes to the office. tp tipu. champor the traffic, more than 15 minutes. seb baek my manager was not in the office. but i got a call from a colleague sbb tgk dkt 8.30 aku x sampei lagi. diorg takot aku sesat. eheh. see, strangers pon dah tau ketidakgunaan aku dlm bab jalan2 nih.

anyway, arini kitorg melawat APCC2 – the Dell factory. it’s in bukit tengah, so kene seberang balek to the other side. it’s an industrial area, much like klang cemtu.

sampai je kat situ, we were hepi berangan2 nak amek gambar sume, blakang, sumenye tidak dibenarkan. mobile phones with camera, camera, jam tgn, accessories sume xleh. baju, lelaki sume kene tuck in. pompuan xyah :P. xleh pakai high heels or any. kene pakai kasot tutop. i am awfully short ini hari hehe.

inside dell. we were taken tour from the very beginning where the parts that makes the PC or notebook ur using, then pegi tmpt kitting, assembly, burning – tmpt install segale software yg korg nak, bungkos membungkos, then shipping. kat sini, the shipment caters to the united states as well as asia pacific. most of the notebooks be shipped to US, except some yg nak digunakan dlm military or top secret stuff, di mane diorg buat sdirik kat sane. elleh.. x caye org konon..

the kitting is where they put in parts that are required to build the notebook etc dlm satu bekas. bekas ni ade lapik yg leh buang the electrostatic charge bcos most of the compartment may become faulty i presence of electrostatics. the job of putting them in the bekas was done manually, tp ade machine yg highlightkan which parts shud be taken.

then come the part yg kitorg sgt terpegun. the assembly part. these are manual assemblies; but of course with the help of pemutar skru yg laju and some application nak identify ape yg dah di’assemble’. we were amazed by the speed these guys are going. the assembly of notebooks mmg sgt laju. sume nye amek letak amk letak x smpt noktah. ahaha. skang aku tgh belek notebook ni and awe at the job done :P. more than 20,000 notebooks are shipped out every day to US, and the numbers increase during christmas. ramai bg christmas present notebooks kot kan. kaye btol. :sigh:

lps assembly, we were taken to the burn place. kat sini, the softwares are installed as requested. eheh. x menarek. 😛

tibe mase utk pulang..
nampak itu kete ketot kat situ? itu adelah scene sebelom kami dihalau guard yg nampak kitorg tgh beraksi mengambil gambar dgn bestnye dpn building, eheh.

okie. i guess itu je kot journey to penang :D. oh, i was called for an interview lg. hmm… to go or not go…. 😕


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wah. manyak leteh woo ddk sini. mane nak pegi keje, mane nak face jem yg mcm dotdotdot, mane nak hafal jalan, mane lagi lah nak enjoy hotelnye facilities. pensan! patotlah bos2 aku dlu2 kalo pegi bisnes trip best2 kat obersi, bile balek je bukannye diorg lg ceria, rupenye lagi cranky adelah. asal balek je obersi, kene jerit je bdk2 kat opis tuh. haih..

bercrite mengenai jalan2 di penang.. hmm.. the roads are mostly one ways. it’s better to get the map di tangan, lg bagos kalo leh hafal; sbb the luckiest thing kalo ko terlepas jln is u get to go one round back (so leh jalan2 lagi), or be stuck in a jem, just to get back to that spot before u missed the turn.

food. ermm.. penang is known for it’s pasembor padang kota and nasik kandar. since aku ade tempias darah mamak sket, nasik kandar was never a problem to me. except for the weight it’ll be able to make me gain la kan :P. semlm my boss took us to a nasik kandar place near.. er.. just let’s say, it’s near to the WorldFish Centre (i think this is referred to as the akuarium). lauk2 die a bit sama mcm kl, but the nasik is topped with red bawang goreng as garnishing. it’s nice :D. taste so good jugak. it’s either the food was really good or we were just practically famished hehe.

padang kota. pasembor. indah kabar dr rupe. atau mungkin aku terpegi salah kedai. the gravy was not thick as expected, and aku rase rojak pasembor kat kedai mamak biase kat luar is better. the price, xyah mention la kan. seb baek aku pegi ngan makcik n anak cousin aku. was told not to take the ketam and udang, sbb kalo amek, gerenti mahal nak mati. even semlm pon, kitorg amek just the minor2 stuff, fish cakes etc, accumulate to 15 ringgit. ahaha. maybe korg kate x mahal, tp u shud’ve seen the portion i took. x berbaloi dgn die nye x sedap.

padang kota. makcik aku mkn nasik puteh ngan tomyam. saje nak rase tomyam diorg cemane. lama baru nak siap, so kitorg ni ingat mcm best la kan. tgk2, bile sampai, tomyam nye just mcm ko rebus air, kasik letak cili ngan serai sket, pehtu boh udang sekor. abeh cite. the price was 4 ringgit. standard la. tp, tomyam padang kota damansara lg sedap dr padang kota penang ;).

padang kota. i was given a choice kat padang kota tu – sotong kangkong or sotong bakar. dgn konon2nye nak merase mende lain drr yg penah mkn, i took sotong bakar. nice. price – 15 hengget. dammnn.. sotong bakar is only strips of sotong yg dipenyekkan mcm sotong floss, dibakar, and dicicah dgn sos thai. boleh kaye gak la meniage kat situ.

padang kota. air. ok. semlm, aku x rase air tu mahal. tp arini, lps we had our dinner kat di kayu nasik kandar kat penang street, baru rase yg air kat pdg kota pon naik harge. susah nak dpt gule kat tepi laut kot.. semlm, kitorg had 2 teh o suam and one milo ais. price. rm3.50. today, at di kayu, same drinks. price. rm2.30. moral of the story, if ur gonna splurge ur money to good food, mungkin padang kota is not the place. tp kalo nak try, good luck i shall say :). berita kan kembali kedai mane yg best tu.

kejadian2 kepade our team at penang. it was our 1st day kat dell penang. it started with my colleague’s bad hair day. the locker keys fell into the toilet bowl. sume beg tgn sume dah masok dlm locker tu. so, die kene call the admin there, asking for duplicate keys kalo ade. tp, admin tu dgn zalimnye pegi panggil cleaner, and mintak die carik kunci tu dlm toilet bowl. aku tgk kakak cleaner tu, muke die mmg dah tiade expression. aku rase, how cud u ask someone to take stuff from the toilet bowl, even if it’s the cleaner pon. bukannye salah die kan kunci tu jatoh. can’t u just take the spare keys. lps tu, aku dh x keep track dah. but what i know, the locker dah leh bukak by late afternoon.

kejadian2 kepade our team at penang. ok. mlm tu pulak, i was supposed to pick up my auntie and anak cousin kat somewhere in jelutong. i was told the directions, but somehow i missed the junction. tp aku still stand by the fact yg mmg xde junction seperti yg dikatekan tu. dah terlepas jln, aku try gak carik kot2 leh kuar balek jln td. mase tu dah mlm. aku call for directions byk kali. aku call bgtau aku katne. still they cudn’t give me sbb diorg xtau aku katne ekceli. last2, aku benti kat this jalan kat tepi bandar baru (jelutong) supermarket. bile aku bgtau nama supermarket tu, diorg kompius sbb diorg kate mane ade bandar baru jelutong. bandar baru bangi ade la. cheh. mase aku sampai situ, it was drizzling. last2, ujan lebat x hengat, champor guroh lg x hengat. tepon aku was making beeping sounds sbb bateri tersgt la low. so aku decided to lepak dlm kete smbl tunggu call/sms sementare one of my relative come to fetch me up. lebeh kurang stengah jam aku tunggu, dah xtau nk buat ape, bile ujan dah reda, aku lari pegi farmasi beli krim tangan. pehtu masok balek dlm kete, pakai krim.

pehtu, dah xde bunyik gak fon nih, aku nak sms lah marah2 apesal lmbt sgt. rupe2nye, bateri sudah mati! aku gelabah kejap. i was practically nowhere, in some strange place, dlm ujan renyai, bateri mati, and di dalam kondisi aku x ingat nombor tepon sedare aku tu. calmly (echeh), aku kuar kete, pegi bgnan supermarket tu, call my cousin yg naseb baek aku ingat number die, n mintak nombor sedare aku tu. erghh… call using the payphone of course.. payphone yg ade sisa anjing di sebelah kiri ku. :((. rupenye sedare aku tu try carik merata, n try call tp x dpt. die kate die nyaris nak patah balek. so lps dh bgtau which road i took, i hung up the fon, and masok supermarket sbb bosan nak tunggu dlm kete. lgpon, ade sorg lelaki yg asek dok tgk aku dr tangge supermarket tu that makes me scared. so baek aku pegi kat tmpt yg ramai org. lps membeli belah kejap, kuar, tgk2 the sedare is here oredi… so i was saved…. :D.

kejadian2 kepade our team at penang. semlm we were hepi2 coming back from the ofc in my boss’ car, when a roadblock was set up kat depan. sume org was like asking each other ade bwk ic ke x ape sume. then bile dah approach, suddenly the police tunjuk kat boss aku n soh ke tepi. ah sudah….

“menggunakan telefon bimbit semasa memandu, kan”

“haa…?” –> eheh. mmg layak kan die jdk boss aku? blur 😛

“mane telefon bimbit?”

“ni dekat bwh sini”

“td ade gune tanpa handsfree kan?”

“haa..? mane ade? xde pon. tgk ni telefon dkt sini saje” –> sangap :))

pehtu the police go call dienye org kat somewhere back there.. and confirm kesalahan itu. so boss aku xde lah leh kate ape. kene saman, and kene attend court bulan 7 nnt.

kejadian2 kepade our team at penang. td ptg aku gi toilet kat ofc, and kepale aku terhantuk tmpt tisu yg terlekat kat dinding dgn kuase yg maha hebat. eheh. boleh lah dikire kan kejadian kat aku kat penang kan hehe. kawtim… saket lg sampai mlm ni ha.. nak claim insurans lah.

subject of claims: kemalangan semasa bekerje

details of claim: kecederaan di kepala disebabkan terhantuk bekas tisu di dalam tandas

eek! i don’t think so!

sebelum dan selepas.

  • nasik kandar near WorldFish Centre :drool:

isy isy isy erdy… kucing pon nanges tgk tulang tuh :”>

  • en-suite jacuzzi.. aaahhh….

dig in…!!!

here are some pics from the terrace view, dgn menggunekan khidmat kemere yg langsong x professional. see the pool. it was devastatingly kecik, but panjang. and it’s seriously dangerous for children. oh. no children’s pool. i guess families dun stay here sgt kot.. see the railing at the edge. u can actually terjun bgnan after a good dip in the pool. eheh.

esok kene checkout dah :D. no more adventures :D.

muahhs!! XOXO

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tajuk: training in dell penang
date: 12 march – 15 march 2007
residential: the northam all-suite hotel, penang
current date: 12 march
verdict: bad hair night

some of u might know yg there’ll be training within this week kat dell penang. supposed to be a fully-sponsored one, but due to short notice, sume kene byr dlu n claim later. not quite what i expected for a company like this. but anyhow, my unfavourable comments were set aside due to the hotel we’re staying. it’s not a grand suite as expected, but the en-suite jacuzzi made my heart melt… :”>.

aku x check lg the other facilities, but room wise, aku rase quite reasonable. the bed is totally bigger than king size.

hmm.. x pandai btol aku amek gambar. x nampak besar lak katil nye. but anyway, that’s how it looks like (leh jadik marketing agent x :P). there’s a working station..

and then there’s a minibar. ekceli mase diorg calculate expenses, they included minibar in it. being org kampung, aku xde la reti ngat apekah itu minibar. adekah ianya bar di lounge kat bawah atau bar kat karaoke?

cool aight…? yahuu… but… this is unfortunately.. the minibar. minibars are not free entities. these need to be paid.. well, except the usuals coffee and tea. kalo tu pon nk kene byr mmg nk kene sekeh la kan…
minibar 2. it’s the fridge. those are stuff stored in the fridge. let me just highlight them ok…

  • mineral water – rm4.00
  • evian water – rm6.00 –> damn i took this oredi before i know that it needs to be paid
  • coca-cola – rm5.00 –> rase nak jdk vendor coke kat hotels
  • all the fizzy drinks – rm5.00 oso like coke
  • carlsberg – rm16.00 –> drink and be merry. that’s why these are more expensive i guess. can make u merrier. akeke
  • tiger – rm16
  • pringles – rm7.00
  • kit-kat dlm fridge – rm5.00
  • cadbury – rm7.00
  • cashew nuts – rm6.00 –> damn i took these too :”>

lots of hidden charge huh… noti noti…

this morning i was late. bertolak dari alor setar about 7.30am, jem sbb eksiden atas bridge, and sampai queensbay mall which is near the FTZ or FIZ (x hengat) where the ofc is located. boss aku ekceli dah lukih baek punya map mase kat ofc back in cyberjaya. pehtu die gaduh2 ngan one of my colleague yg kate rendition die lg best dr yg boss aku lukih. so, since he’s the boss, so the colleague just surrender.. and so aku pakai map boss aku..

dah mmg asal aku mmg degil agaknye, so, subconsciously, aku degil jugak. dlm map dah tulih phase 4, tp aku nampak phase 3, je aku trus masok, sbbnye, aku nampak jalan nak straight lagi tu mcm nak pegi batu maung sgt, i.e. aku rase bos aku salah bg direction. hmm.. rasekan. aku sesat stengah jam, hampir eksiden ngan motor, ngan kancil, ngan org, then baru berjaye jumpe jalan besar balek. masok ikot jln benar, was asked to find DHL. bile dah nampak van DHL paking tepi jalan tu, aku dah gembire. tp kegembiraan ku terbantut sbb aku x nampak mane bgnan DHL. hence aku sesat lg 5 minits kat situ. i shud’ve taken the cab laa… haihh..

anyway, about dell penang. the building is big. horizontally. it’s a factory-like building, and once u enter the building, u’ll find urself di dalam situasi seperti will smith mase 1st bukak pintu to the man in black office, with aliens sepenuh2 alam. imagine urself di dalam bgnan kilang, eliminate the machines that segmented the floor, add cubicles to it, then put lovely2 ppl there. ahaha. chinese filled up the space. malays.. hmm… kire ngan jari tangan pon x habes. but everybody there was so nice. dunno buat2 nice or mmg diorg tu nice. eveybody seems to know everybody. and that is only 1 floor only tau x. haven’t toured the the call center kat atas lagi. fuhh.

aku nak cite bout my bad hair night. but i think i’m gonna retire here 1st la. gotta wake up very early tomoro to catch breakfast ;). getting fatter and fatter as u read :D.

kata2 akhir: i’d like to extend my utmost gratitude to the person who funded me a little and made this happen :).



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to that particular someone..

i’m terribly sorry for what happened, and i hope my betrayal of the last chance given will mark my death…


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