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heywoo people… 🙂

mood – mellow :). not a good time to blog though, but anyway, it has been quite some time – oh! and i havent wished u all hepi nu year. HEPI NU YEAR PEOPLE!!! :hug hug hug: alah… sod the resolutions off.. i’ve none this year. just building up on hopes ;).

last year… hmmm… a lot of stuff happened. a whole damn lot. lots of stuff learned, lots of efforts to reducing my emotional conflicts, and i’m a much more happier person now, i’ve learned ways to handle those heart-wrecking situations.

the key solution to my problem is simple – learn to accept the fact that nobody owns anybody, and all of us belong to Him. hence, we have no rights to have others to follow our way. dan… bile org x ikot ape we desire, that’s where anger comes from – unfulfilled desires. bliss…. :D. oh, but i’m still angry to those ignorant people on the road though. grrr… hehehe…..

last month, i attended a class called Dealing with Difficult People – an optional, but i think it’s a necessity in my line of work. they taught us on identifying the types of people, and the way to handle each character. during this class, kitorg di-shuffle kan after every role-play. we didnt think much on the reasons to this, besides mungkin nak kitorg join2 org2 lain jugak kot. so we were fine. so, on the last day, the instructor shuffled us again, and for the day, we remain the same group. rupenye, he was analyzing our own behaviour and group us according to our personalities and dragons (perangai hudoh :P).

so, dlm hari terakher, the instructor telah menetapkan final group. dan guess in which group i was.. personality = EXPRESSIVE dan dragon = IMPATIENCE. kikiki. chech this out – one of the traits in expressive people is a tendency to verbal assaults and irrational behaviour. oh it is SO me! hehehe. pleasure is recognition and approval; pain is isolation and lack of attention. see where i’m coming kalo saye berkelakuan burok di kala sendirian….? 😛

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deepest condolence to the family of Rashid Sibir – the lost of his beloved brother, Buang. 😦

he’s a dear friend to kesma’s family – especially her dad. all the good deeds, love and warmth he extended to his frens will be remembered.

on another note, bapak kesma once nak match-make kan aku dgn die. but, hearing about him and how devoted he is to Islam, i know i’m so unfit.

al-Fatihah to u – semoga dirahmati Allah swt dan diletakkan among the greatest place di sisi-Nya. amin.

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