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That’s Miang Kham. A dish I just discovered from Siam Express restaurant in Perda. It took multiple waiter calls for us to even get the name of the dish, and several more to get what the ingredients are. Excitedly, I found the recipe on the net, that very night.

Let me walk you thru. The leaves are called daun kaduk as Malays called it. It looks more like betel leaves, but milder in taste. You will need to slap the sweet sauce on the leave, and take a little bit of everything there: ginger, peanuts, chilli, dried shrimp, dried coconut flesh, lime, and wrap the leave, just like how our grandmas would eat their sirih. It’s not bitter at all, and the taste is just awesome.

Siam Express has this for rm 10.90. Serve as a great appetiser. Just make sure you chill on the main course later. This entree may make you feel that you had enough of Thai food and would want to order only this :P. Yes. It is that good!

I’ve yet to try, but you can find the recipe here:

Till later 😉


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2 days of weekend went by just like that. Books left unread, but can’t say foods left untouched :P. Mati kang kalau x makan hehe. Speaking of which, we just had curry puffs made by my cousin. Failed to fry them nicely to make them look more appetizing, but alas, the taste beats the looks :D. Owh the cousin sells them frozen too :).


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Can you imagine it has been TWO years since I last have the words to weave and the strength to write (or type in this context) in this avenue? It even took me exactly 7 minutes to come up with this first para. I was basically typing, rubbing my eyes, wanders off the mind, then type again. Errgghhh!!

I was practically lazy – part of being lazy to type although there are a LOT to pour, and part from thinking of the disgustingly cheesy stuff I have written in this blog years back. I myself would be the contributing numbers to the blog stats, since I do read them once in a while, just to annoy myself when I can’t find someone or something that’s annoying.

For the past years, I can’t say that I have achieved much in life, but moving back up north may be the wisest decision I have taken so far. I’ve seen my friends and where they have gone to all these while (bless facebook for that). I’ve seen the look of joy on their faces, and I have heard of their sorrows. Nothing that can beat the selflessness we had during college days. To my friends, I wish for us the best of the world :).

Just a not-so-smart entry before i head off to bed. It’s totally pointless (except for the wish). Sleep tight.. *yawwwnnn*

P/S: see.. It took me 8 hours to just publish this entry from draft last night 😛


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