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Review: Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur

Stayed here prior to the CSQA exam. Here’s the review and it is highly rated to Must-Go.

“Thanks for staying with us and come back soon.”

I received that note after my checkout. It makes me feel valuable.

I reserved a room through phone reservation for a month before my stay on 7-Dec-11. I don’t have a credit card, so the hotel can only hold the booking only up till 4pm on 7-Dec. The person gave me a 6 digit booking number, and she didn’t request any more information from there, and my mistake for not asking.

One day before my travel, I feel like I need to reconfirm, so I called up the hotel. The reservation personnel told me that they have 9 digits of reservation number, and that mine is incomplete. So he requested for my name. Initially he searched around and couldn’t find the reservation made. It started to tick me off considering that this is the peak season and it’s impossible to get a last minute booking. Luckily he finally found it, and was very helpful about the situation.

On the day, I reached just before 3pm. The reception counter was only occupied by 1 person attending to it, and about 3 of the personnels at the concierge counter – which I think is inappropriate considering there’s a line forming at the check-in. I checked in with no issue, and the person attending is of great service. I requested for help with the baggage from my car in the basement, but the personnel said that I need to bring the bags up to the lobby for the bell boy to pick up – I find this weird since we needed assistance from the car. If we can manage to bring them up to the lobby, I guess might as well we just bring them up ourselves.

While attending to my luggage, silly me stopped at the wrong floor searching for the lobby, but there is a helpful personnel that was very friendly who assisted me to the correct location (although I actually know).

My room was at the 30th floor, facing KL tower – I’ve no issue since the room itself although it’s just a deluxe room, took my breath away. The welcome note with my name on it when I switched on the TV makes me feel welcomed. Points worth notifying:
– full-stock fridge with lots of complimentary mineral water bottles (even inside the bathroom),
– a walk-in closet
– great bathroom with all the amenities (loved the fact that they have hose at the toilet)
– non-slippery bathroom material when it’s wet (important since I came with an elder and is a danger if it’s slippery)
– ionizer inside the room to ward of bad odors
– exquisite linen with Sheraton watermark and of course very comfortable bed.
– a sturdy study table with good table lamp.
– ordered breakfast through the breakfast order card, and the food came with a foldable table. ordered omelettes and it is placed inside the oven-like fixture under the table.

There was an issue with the TV set – the red light on the TV keeps blinking and there’s nothing showing on screen. We called in for help, and the assistance came soon after – the technician just restarted the TV and have no idea what happened, but anyway, it was resolved.

My comments:
– it would be of great help if the hotel clearly make visible of items such as instructions on operating the air-conditioner (it’s not as simple as turning the temp up and down), phone extensions
– remember the breakfast I ordered? well, it took us quite some time to realize that the omelette that we ordered are hidden in the oven beneath. a little clue would help a lot next time ;).
– the breakfast order card was placed inside the drawer of the side table. if we hadn’t explored every nook and crannies of the room, maybe we wouldn’t find it 😛

We stayed for only 1 night though, but I guess my reviews reflect as if I stayed for weeks! Last one..

The check out was a breeze. However, I was a bit disappointed with the personnel who was attending to the elevators. He saw us carrying bags which were terribly heavy while we were going from lobby to the basement, but he just looked at us and didn’t offer any help. A little courtesy will be greatly appreciated.

All in all, I will definitely come back to explore more especially the Mandara Spa. Enjoy the pics!

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I have just completed the CSQA exam. It was not bad although I hate to say I liked answering the question, it’s weird. I took the CISA exam some time early this year which I have less experience of, and failed hehe. Proven – I’m built for this QA industry and not IS audits. It seems… “lighter”. ;).




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