This blog is a personal journal. Any comments that criticize on how the blogger presented herself will definitely be kicked out.

As an introduction, the blogger is an employee who manages the quality of the processes and also systems of her employer, but doesn’t have a clue on how to spend quality time with herself, even her friends per se.

She owns disastrous temper and obnoxious laughter. Love modified cars, and has always wished that Xzibit will one day knock the door and tell her that they’re pimping her ride. She lost her half-Daihatsu which she loved so much, and now am not keen in venturing into anything as yet. *heartbroken*

She hates to fly, but she loves travelling. She hates the fact that there are a lot of accidents on the highways, and trying to find alternatives to travel. Train would be it, but damn tiring!

She’s a sucker for money, but they don’t like her that much. She loves to go outdoors to spend her weekends, but the needs of her job that requires her to be reading stuff or analyzing items glued her to the notebook screen.

She’s a hater of politics and politicians. She hates how unqualified people run the country. But she understood that at least someone need to do that shitty job and be blamed for.

Enuff said. Just dive in! 😉


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