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if i express how much i am devastated with the current politics in malaysia, who will hear and take actions? a mediocre blogger’s thought wont go anywhere but within his own cocoon. 

im not a fan of politics, but i read bits and pieces of it. eventhough i’d like to know what happens, the chronological previews keep pulling me back. what is happening to malaysia?


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i just want to say this:

should a BPR person be hired as a permanent person in each government agencies? i would think so.


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apekah moralnye kasik access to yahoo messenger tapi block facebook? haih. xde moral btol kampeni nih.

i was browsing thru AOL and found one caption yg menarek perhatian: Muslim women rejected at Obama rally. hmm… despite the so-obvious fact that i know is the reason to this incident, aku bukak jugak to read thru the rest. two muslim ladies ni dpt seat blakang obama, and of course btol2 depan kemere. suddenly the rally volunteer came then asked them to change seats. reason: they were wearing head gears (tudong la woi..). i think obama will lost support by 2 counts now, and more to come for muslims in the states who feel offended by this.

This is where they\'re supposed to seat

i’m not interested dlm rentetan kejadian, but on the poll. at the side there, ade poll:

  1. Barring the Muslim women from the podium seats in the rally was a. Wrong, b. Understandable
  2. What should obama do? a. Apologize to the women himself, b. Allow them to sit behind in a future event, c. Both, d. Nothing. His spokesman’s apology is enough.

let me give u a highlight on the result, as per now:

  1. a – 55%, b – 45% (that’s a close call)
  2. a – 19% (hah!), b – 6%, c – 35%, d – 40% (hohoho…)

several reasons to note la. mungkin obama is a good guy, tp to win votes, and following maybe advices of the so-called penasehat, he’s forced to make this decision, knowing that muslims voters cume minority. Or… he’s the typical american haha. (erk.. will i be convicted by law for that statement? :P)

alamak. bile mase pulak aku kesah pasal politik dunia nih? demmit. i am old.


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since yesterday aku x dpt access wordpress properly. ni yg x best nih. the reason i moved to here adelah disebabkan the other blog domain is so slow at one time. crap.  

i went back to kedah last weekend. on saturday, makmbone mintak tlg amekkan ubat die kat hospital alor setar. there’s about 4 rows dkt kaunter farmasi tu. the 1st row will usually be the place where u put in ur prescription and the pharmacist will take it and look up which row to put u based on ur medications. well, it doesnt happen that way nowadays. i came there, approach the first counter, and handed over my prescription. pade aku lah kan, i wud think it wud be rude if someone handed something to u, and u didnt take it. tp stendet lah.. lelaki… maybe i was not “sedap mata memandang” enuff to get his attention. wat the heck la woi. ko keje dlm sepital, where almost half of the people u met is dying. muke lawo ke.

anyways, while waiting,  i was observing and wondering why government agencies/institutions/whatever selalu dikutuk bcos of their inefficiencies and the likes. and perhaps, that day, i found the answer.

they have 4 counters. dgn mengabaikan the 1st counter, so there’ll be 3 rows utk org amek ubat. out of these rows, only one was dealing with ppl. okay, maybe 2 la kot sbb mase aku sampai tu, the middle counter was explaining to this chinese lady pasal the drugs, which took almost one hour sampai giliran aku.

there are around 5 pharmacists kat situ, dgn additional 2 dkt blakang yg amek ubat. cuma 2 org attending counters, ape yg lain buat? mamat sorg yg amek prescription kat kaunter ujung, just tekan nombor utk the same counter, and amek prescription kasik pharmacist yg amek ubat. aku rase the patients themselves boleh tekankan button nak amek number kot kalo kesah nye mcm tu? one guy to eliminate.

prosedur nye, org amek ubat akan amek ubat dr botol2 ubat yg melambak2 tu, then letak dlm bakul kecik, together with the prescription. pastu, ade org yg akan amek bakul tu, kasik kat kaunter, di mane kaunter tu adelah 2, 3 langkah je. aku x rase perlu org yg tukang passing ubat tu. another guy to eliminate, and another 2 for i dont know why they shud be there. now, there’s a total of 4 org yg x diperlukan di farmasi itu. so, tinggal lah 3 org yg btol2 bergune. diorg boleh je nak help out each other kalo diorg nak.. kalo dh tgk org kat kaunter tu tgh bz, org yg amek ubat tu tlg lah bwkkan bakul2 ubat ke kaunter. at least xde lah idle time sgt kan.

ini cume contoh. aku rase kalo government buat re-organization mcm yg kampeni tmpt keje aku nih buat, i think almost half of the employees will be laid-off, and semestinyelah berjuta compensation yg harus dibayar. re-org nnt surely involves eliminating of duplicate/overlapping roles, restrusturing and segmenting the organization to produce a more effective communication. aku x ckp lah this re-org is proven to be effective, tp at least there’s some initiative to put the kampeni back together. and it IS a good way to scare ppl – di mane very risky sbb samada employees ko akan demoralized, atau lg bekerje keras supaye tidak dibuang. hmm… i dont settle for those 2. i want money…. ahahaha.

oh. this morning, i told my mgr that i started to feel bored, and this is not good for me. aku ckp aku bosan sbb x byk tasks, and i cant be reading stuffs when there’s nothing to do. i’m waiting for something, and i cant wait long bcos kalo lg lama aku tunggu, lg aku jdk bodoh. hmm… x suke membace, tp involve in audit di mane mmg kene byk membace. mau mati. mgr aku ckp give him till tomoro, di mane die dh set up 1×1 dgn aku, and for him to think of something. ergghh.. i need werkkk……. ahaha.

signing off 😉

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