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haha. will not be paid for this, tapi saje nk share some of the products that i love. this time around, it’s the skin base visage, M.A.C Prep + Prime. 

it kinda prepare your face for the layers of makeup you’re going to put. priced rm90 per bottle of 30ml, the lady in the M.A.C studio told me that this is the best seller item. no doubt in it after my first application.

i have a typical asian skin, and i sweat easily. the moisturizer will usually get into some kind of a row with the powder i applied, and it depends – sometimes the powder will lose, so you’ll see tiny beads of powder on my sweaty face. otherwise, you’ll see my face as oily and shiny as ever you could fry an egg on it. 

this product really is a winner. lepas mandi/basuh muke, put on your usual moisturizer and let it set (heheh mcm buat roti plak :P). pastu pump once and a bit more, apply kat muke as you would a moisturizer. blend in well – in the end, you’ll feel a silky sheen kat muke. pastu dab your favorite compact/loose powder. when i sweat, i could just dab the sweat away but the face still looks refreshed – no kidding. kalo x, usually in the afternoon, muke aku akan seperti hitam legam and the makeup will be all over the place. 

but this is my review. some skin may not experience the same :).

p/s: oh, i’d like to add. i was informed that M.A.C products can only be found in their studios only, not anywhere else, even supermarket. those are imitations. the way to distinguish them is by smelling the product you’re purchasing. the imitations will have some smell, whilst the original wont have any since they’re fragrance-free.


Posted by on November 2, 2008 in Product Reviews